(一)Please cite in your heart your name, address and question for three times.

(二)Click divine cylinder.

(三)The system will display your lot number. Please remember this number and press “Confirm” for cim bucket.

(四)If the answer turns out to be “Yes”, this will be your lot.

(五)It will show your lot number for the poem and explanations.

The website does not provide cim interpretations as the cim are divine revelations from Heavenly Viceroy Lord Su. Our service staff cannot represent Him, and hence interpretations will rest upon heart and soul of the inquirer. Should there be any major questions, please come to Jhen Hai Kung to make an inquiry with the help of a medium. Reservations must be made at 08-832-7777. Inquiry is free of charge, though any donations would be welcomed.

This Temple Palace uses the Miracle Cim Sticks of Sixty-Jiazi __ (About Sixty-Jiazi)

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Lord Huang
Please click divine cylinder
Seven Provinces Lord Su