Jhen Hai Kung will hold a Ceremony of Alleviation at the end of the 7th month of the traditional calendar at 1 PM. A Taoist master will be invited to preside over the event to offer flower, tea and fruits to appease the hungry spirits and to cremate offering money brought to the Temple. After the Ceremony, food donations would be sent to various disaster regions in the world. Adherents and beneficent providers can prepare their offerings and attend the Ceremony located at the Temple plaza.


‧The Ceremony of Alleviation will be held at the end of the seventh month every year. After the date has been confirmed, Temple staff would make the necessary announcements on the bulletin board as well as the front page of our website.

‧Adherents and believers can bring their own offerings and attend this event at the Temple plaza, or to register their offerings and food donations with the Temple.

‧A table of offerings will cost NT$1500 (inclusive of materials) and must be registered 3 days before the event. A donation for a bag of rice will cost NT$200 and can be registered on the same day.

‧Contact number: (08) 832-7777, Time of Service: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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